The Local Care Record in Southwark and Lambeth

The Local Care Record is an improved and secure way of sharing patient information electronically between local hospitals and GP practices in Southwark in Lambeth.

Healthcare professionals directly involved in your care will be able to view your electronic medical records safely and securely at the touch of a button.

Treatment will be safer and quicker as they will be able to see all relevant information before making clinical decisions.

To find out more information please talk to your GP or healthcare professional.
Or you can visit:

Patient Fair Processing for patients –Letting patients know:

  • Join up information
  • Improve care
  • Only sharing when needed and only with people directly involved in your care
  • You will be informed when we access your information
  • You can find out more information or choose to opt-out if you wish

Patients have the right to opt-out of electronic sharing but must understand the implications:

  • Information will still be shared but it will be done via letter, fax and email, which are slower and not always reliable
  • We will not be able to see hospital information electronically and may have to ask you to come back or to telephone (i.e. results)
  • The hospitals will not see your GP record i.e. in an emergency, may not be able to provide the best care
  • You may have to repeat yourself and tell several people the same thing
  • Information will also not be shared with other GPs or out of hour’s services

Request to Opt-Out