Antenatal and Postnatal Care

On site midwife

We have an on site midwife who provides high quality care to all our pregnant patients. If you would like to book in an appointment to speak to the midwife at any time during your pregnancy please contact reception.

Vaccinations Recommended in Pregnancy

Did you know that a mother’s immunity is passed along to her baby during pregnancy? Therefore the following vaccinations are recommended in pregnancy, as this will protect the baby from some diseases during the first few months of life until the baby.

Antenatal Care

Antenatal care is the care and help you receive from health professionals during the course of your pregnancy. It is important you take good care of your own health and that of your unborn baby during pregnancy.

As soon as you find out you are pregnant, you should get in touch with us to find out more information on the services and support that are available to you.

You can refer yourself directly to have your antenatal care via Guys and St Thomas’ Hospital using their self-referral form. For more information about self-referring view the leaflet.

It is important that you IMMEDIATELY:

The midwife should phone within 2 weeks to arrange your first appointment; this is usually arranged at your home between 8 and 12 weeks of pregnancy. Calculate your due date with this pregnancy calculator.

If you are on regular medication our Patient Navigator team will arrange for you to have a telephone consultation with your registered doctor.

You may find the following information on these websites helpful to look at BEFORE you see the midwife.

Neo-natal checks

Some newborn babies are released from hospital without a detailed examination. If this is the case, our GPs are happy to perform the relevant checks, either in the surgery, or in comfort of your own home, depending on which is easier for you.

In most cases, the Practice will contact new mums to arrange for this to happen, on rare occasions where we are unaware of the birth, please feel free to give us a call and arrange an appointment or visit.

Postnatal care

Postnatal care extends for between 6-8 weeks after the birth of your baby. During this period, routine checks are carried out by the health visitor and you and your baby’s recovery is monitored.

During your postnatal care you will find out about feeding, potty training, illnesses, safety and more. You will be able to ask your health visitor questions and request advice.